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How to avoid road rage

This is a difficult subject in how to avoid road rage and the infographic below will give us all guidance on how to tackle that burning desire to explode when other drivers around us don’t drive in accordance to what we think is the correct procedures and this reaction can lead us into some serious situations and even land you in trouble with the law.

We all get angry at times during our driving, but stop for a minute and calculate the risk factors involved and what the outcome can be when our thoughts get clouded due to road rage.

What can cause road rage?

More than 80% or drivers in the U.K have been victims of road rage incidents and 5% of that percentage were actually physically abused. Road rage causes can be the typical slow driver or even missing green traffic lights too often. Middle lane hoggers or driving in the right-hand lane for too long is a cause of anger. Also, a driver cutting across your path is another example. Road rage has many different guises.

What can we do the stop this anger from building up.

Take a deep breath and hold it for 5 seconds. leave enough journey time to compensate for hold ups. Just be sensible with your driving technique to avoid the anger of other motorists. Put on some soothing music to ease the stress build up while driving.

Confronted by an angry driver then what should you do.

Confronted by an angry driver stay in your car. If they come to your car only open the window enough to speak with them. If the other driver is being very threatening and won’t back down then call the police if needed.

Take a look at how to avoid road rage below and stay safe in your car.

how to avoid road rage

Infographic kindly supplied by Southside Motor Factors

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