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Distracted pedestrians

Distracted pedestrians are all the rage these days in the age of technology and new fashions of devices popping up. The dangers are all very apparent when I am teaching my pupils to drive.

We see people crossing roads completely oblivious as to what is happening all around them because they are too busy on their gadgets. They are sometimes now known as a ‘ Pedextrian Urban Dictionary definition of pedextrian ‘.

Now don’t get me wrong. I am all for new technology and electronic gadgets to make our life simpler and more enriched compared to days of old. Technology like mobile devices were a pipe dream and black and white televisions were in full flight as far as technology went.

Television awareness adverts

What never seems to happen any more are the government messages on road safety just like this one.

These old commercials were always on our televisions to remind us all about the dangers of the road. As a result, they still haunt me to this day in a good way as it keeps me safe when crossing the road. As our roads increase in traffic and become more dangerous to cross these kinds of adverts could be a great way of educating the children of today on how to cross the road. Thus, teaching them what dangers there are on the roads.

Large amounts of youngsters are walking around in a day dream. All engrossed in the realms of Facebook, snap chat and messaging to listening and watching their favourite song with headphones locked onto their heads is worrying. Distracted pedestrians is becoming a social disease. Also, it is not strictly limited to teenagers because adults are guilty of doing it too.


mobile device users beware!!Distracted pedestrians are everywhere. So, parents could play a huge role in educating their children in how to be a responsible pedestrian.Responsibility for road safety must not solely be the driver to keep pedestrians and other road users safe. As a result, we all have to play our role in keeping the road safe for everybody. On the funny side of things. It is quite possible that a warning sign like the one below will appear one day.


distracted pedestrians warning sign

mobile device users, beware!




distracted pedestrians on mobile phones

We see this site every day on our roads


Distracted Pedestrians and 10 Main Causes of Distraction

Pedestrian safety is a vital aspect of maintaining a harmonious environment on the roads. However, distracted pedestrians are a problem causing significant risk not only to themselves but also to other road users. Understanding the causes of distraction can help us promote a safer and more aware pedestrian culture. Here are ten main causes of distracted pedestrians:


1. Mobile Phones: One of the leading causes of pedestrian distraction is the excessive use of mobile phones. Whether it’s texting, scrolling through social media, or listening to music, pedestrians are often engrossed in their devices, oblivious to their surroundings.


2. Listening to Music: While enjoying their favorite tunes through headphones or earphones, pedestrians may lose focus on the traffic around them, making it harder to perceive potential hazards.


3. Daydreaming: Deep in thought or lost in daydreams, pedestrians may inadvertently place themselves in dangerous situations. Their lack of attention to their surroundings can lead to accidents.


4. Talking on the Phone: Engaging in long conversations or heated discussions while walking can divert pedestrians’ attention away from traffic and increase the chances of accidents.


5. Distractions from Companions: Walking with friends or engaging in conversations can divert attention away from the road. Genuine social interactions can distract pedestrians from potential hazards.


6. Taking Photos: Capturing a picture-perfect moment can be tempting, but it can also take one’s attention away from the road. Focusing on snapping the perfect shot rather than road safety can lead to unintended consequences.


7. Eating and Drinking: Multitasking while walking, such as eating or drinking, can hinder pedestrians’ ability to stay alert and respond effectively to road conditions.


8. Reading: Whether it’s a book, newspaper, or even a map, reading while walking can significantly impair pedestrians’ ability to detect and respond to potential dangers.


9. Personal Grooming: Fixing hair, applying makeup, or adjusting clothing can divert pedestrians’ attention from the road and increase the risk of accidents.


10. Impaired Vision: Poor visibility due to wearing dark clothing at night, obscured vision from sunglasses, or obstructed view due to head down can all contribute to distracted pedestrian behaviour.


Understanding these causes of distraction can help pedestrians become more aware of the potential risks they pose to themselves and others. By promoting education, awareness, and responsible pedestrian behavior, we can work towards creating a safer road environment for everyone. Remember, staying attentive and mindful while walking is crucial for the safety and well-being of all road users. Read the Highway code rules for pedestrians to get some more information on road awareness for pedestrians.



Finally, if you have had an experience of distracted pedestrians then feel free to share your experience with a comment below.



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