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Driving lessons Milton Keynes from DVSA “A” grade instructors 

We only teach manual transmission cars, we do not teach in any automatic transmission vehicles.

Do you want to take manual driving tuition with local driving instructors from Milton Keynes who create a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere while teaching our classes? We have built up a large amount of knowledge of driving test areas in Milton Keynes and Bletchley that you will drive around on your driving test. these areas include the once called B&Q split roundabout as well as the country roads around Newton Longeville and Stoke Hammond.

Give us a call and we will get you off to safe enjoyable driving lessons Milton Keynes. We use I-pad and Google mapping techniques to allow you to understand tricky situations easier and faster or even re-visit a fault area in Google maps to rectify problem areas. Try our Learners area for lots more driving tips.

Manual Practical tuition in Milton Keynes done the right way, with fun

You could get your driving freedom sooner than you think.

Imagine driving your car in Milton Keynes. We will get you there safely to take control of your destiny. Because our pass rates don’t lie, as well as being close to twice the average of Bletchley, our local driving test centre.

The Bletchley test pass rates stand at 46.8% between 2021 to March 2022 figures which usually stays around that number. We always hover around the 80-85% first time test pass mark. You are in safe hands with our driving school and we are registered on the driving instructor results on Gov.uk website if you type in your Milton Keynes postcode. Due to your success, we get success. So, come and be part of our high pass rates. Most importantly, have fun while you learn to drive, we believe that is one of the most important aspects of your classes in the car is to have fun doing it.

We are proud to have served Milton Keynes for driving lessons and our surrounding areas. We have been teaching learner drivers for over fifteen years.

We have the deals and expertise to get you motoring with confidence. Get your first 10 hours for only £275 which is one of the best driving lesson price comparison deals in town.

If you do not see what you need, or you want a certain method of learning. Do not hesitate to contact us on what you need and I will try to help you in any way I can. Please do ask. You can find out more About Evolve driving school just click the link.

Please be aware that we only do our training in a manual car.


Where do YOU want to be in 3,6,9,12 months from now?

Why choose Evolve? for your driving school in Milton Keynes. Here are just a few reasons you should choose us for your driving lessons Milton Keynes. Most of all let us drive you safely and securely to the freedom you deserve.

We can help you pass your driving test with our pre-test help with some tips on what you should do on the driving test.

HIGH test pass rates

latest teaching style

Google map fault analysis

Money back guarantee

Great reviews

Experienced Instructor 

Cheap prices

easy to book lessons

Discount block bookings


We also have over 100 reviews around the web from customers who learned to drive in Milton Keynes with us. View our more recent  Reviews here.

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Olivia Hesketh
Olivia Hesketh
Bryan has been an incredible driving instructor! He not only got me to the point where I could pass my driving test, but he made sure I became a confident driver. He was really flexible with lesson times to suit my changeable working hours and made sure to make time for extra lessons close to the date of my test. I really appreciated his ability to calm me down as I was a very, very nervous driver at first. Brilliant service and excellent value for money - thank you so much!
Harvey Allbutt
Harvey Allbutt
Bryan’s teaching and advice gave me absolutely everything I needed in order to pass my driving test first time, showing great patience and experience throughout the lessons I took and in the pre-test pep talk. I really appreciated his flexibility with lesson times, able to book me in for a few more lessons before my test which really helped me to get properly test ready. Thanks a lot Bryan.
Anna Kalugin
Anna Kalugin
Bryan has taught me not only to pass my test 1st time, but how to drive hereafter. He kept me at ease every lesson and helped me understand not only the mistakes I was making but why and how to fix them. Im most grateful for his expert knowledge in reverse parking! Thank you Bry, couldn’t have done it without you!
Zalan Marton
Zalan Marton
Bryan Is a great driving instructor and insured you get your times worth on every lesson. He made sure I was ready to deal with every encounter on the roads. I passed my test first time with him and would definitely recommend evolve driving school for anyone looking to start driving, you wont be disappointed by the service you recive.
Jacob Yeboah
Jacob Yeboah
Bryan has been the best instructor I could've asked for. His patience and support towards my driving was second to none, and he really cared about my success. He isn't afraid to let you know when you mess up XD but if he wasn't hard on me on my last few lessons I would've made far too many mistakes. I'm very happy to say I passed first time with him, in under 30 hours. It was a pleasure beginning my driving journey with Bryan, and really, if you're struggling to find an awesome instructor who cares, look no further! Thank you so much Bryan for everything!
ongoing vote 96
ongoing vote 96
Bryan is amazing, without his support and honesty, I wouldn’t have got my full driving license first time at the age of 41!!....but more than that, he has given me the confidence to drive.....I would recommend Evolve Driving School to anyone who is looking for a driving instructor that puts you at ease, builds confidence, and makes learning fun and productive.....thank you Bryan
Samuel Hitchcock
Samuel Hitchcock
Bryan at Evolve Driving School has been a great instructor for me over the past 4 months, getting me to past first time after only 21 hours of tuition. His teaching style balances just the right amount patients and wisdom, he's was able to effectively balance how much to push me and respect my need to learn from making mistakes. On the test day he did a great job at the pre test pep talk helping to calm my nerves greatly! I will add for a driving instructor he is especially precious of his alloy wheels😂😂😂 Thanks Bryan, it has been a pleasure learning to drive with you!
Adam Clayton
Adam Clayton
Bryan helped me tremendously in learning how to drive and the time spent on lessons together was well worth it! Any issue I had on the drive was dealt with accordingly and with ease and every lesson made more into a more confident and assured driver! Can't thank Bryan enough for helping me pass my test and give me the tools to be the safest driver possible!
Liana Stanley
Liana Stanley
For anyone looking for a funny, patient and honest driving instructor, I highly highly recommend Bry and his driving school! A massive thank you to Bry for putting up with me! I was a bag of nerves throughout my whole driving experience but he helped me to believe in myself and be confident. He helps you to understand where and if you go wrong and how to correct it. He also taught both my brothers who passed first time. I wouldn’t have wanted to drive with anyone else and I wouldn’t have been able to pass my test without him! Thank you again Bry😀
Bryan was a one-of-a-kind instructor, we had a lot of banter and laughs but he stayed professional and guided me when needed. He has helped me become a confident driver as I was always on edge about learning to drive from the start, and I am now a positive and optimistic driver. He’s got a good eye for areas of weakness and helps you to correct these immediately. Big thanks to Bry for the amazing experience and first time pass, wouldn’t ask for anyone different :)

2023 has seen our driving school again rated in the top three best driving schools in Milton Keynes. While Three best rated have ranked us for reviews, prices, trust, and overall quality of service.

Best Driving school in Milton Keynes


How many driving lessons does it take to pass a test?

How many driving classes it takes you to pass a driving test really depends on a number of factors. Firstly, your ability to absorb the information being taught will enable to you to learn faster. Secondly, Taking lessons at regular intervals can really enhance your chances of retaining driving information ready for the next time you drive, therefore allowing for less mistakes to occur. Thirdly, It can as a standard practice take you around 40-45 hours of lessons including around 15 hours of your own private practice in your own car if you have one to reach the correct standard. Those figures are only and average and you could easily pass in a lot less than this if parts one and two of this answer are completed. Also, quality of driving instruction is very important in the development of a learner driver so choose a driving school wisely. Our driving school has a great reputation in Milton Keynes for delivering high quality lessons.

How much do driving lessons cost?

Driving lesson costs in Milton Keynes can vary from driving school to driving school. Lesson fees go from as little as £56 for your first 5 hours to say 10 hours for £155. Single lesson prices can go from around £18 per hour up to a whopping £30 plus. We at Evolve driving school operate a fair price comparison for your tuition. Cheap driving lessons and instructors are not always the best option. Taking cheap lessons could end up costing you more in the long run against paying more for quality tuition which we guarantee to deliver to our students.

Can I have driving lessons before taking a theory test?

he simple answer to that question is yes, absolutely. Starting driving lessons before you do theory test can help you in your studies for the theory test. You will come across many things whilst doing lessons that may occur as a question on your test or even a similar Hazard Perception video. Also, you can draw upon all your driving instructor’s knowledge around driving by asking them questions and advice on certain driving related subjects.


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If you need any help about learning to drive you can find out more at the DVSA. As a result, this will be a good starting point. Also, it will help you for your lessons in Milton Keynes with us.

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We are a fully paid up member of the DIA. Furthermore, they are the largest association for driver trainers. So, you are in safe hands because we always provide the correct standards for your driving lessons Milton Keynes with us.


A well-reviewed driving school delivering successful test passes with a 100% money-back guarantee. Evolve Driving School have been offering driving lessons Milton Keynes since 2007 and have built a reputation of being a quality driven driving school in the local Milton Keynes area. We pride ourselves on delivering quality driving instruction using client centred methods. That means we don’t just tell you what to do on your driving lessons.  Discuss with you a plan of action that we are both happy with to gain the right outcome on your session. If we give you an example of this:


We could suggest that it is time to go out onto the faster dual carriageway roads or build up to doing some tough spiral roundabouts of Milton Keynes. On the other hand, you might feel you are not ready or comfortable doing that and prefer to concentrate on a different subject first. As a result, we will never force the issue because working together counts hugely towards the learning. Building trust and belief together are all important in setting these goals.


A big challenge for our driving school when advertising for new customers who are learning to drive is that learner drivers think most driving instructors are the same. Furthermore, let me assure you that this is not what you should think. So, why do driving lessons Milton Keynes differ? You may ask.

Driving instructors’ grades are different and standards are also different. Some instructors do not take further Continued Professional Development training after qualifying to become an instructor. Then again, other instructors will be improving their standards with training courses to stay in line with modern teaching styles. You may think does this does not make any difference to me?  The simple answer is yes. Also, that will affect the value of driving lessons delivered to you.


There is a “Hidden cost of cheap driving lessons”. Up-to-date trained instructors giving driving lessons in Milton Keynes will help you to learn faster and save you money in getting you to the driving test standard faster. Driving schools who charge more for lessons are usually confident in the service they provide. Ask yourself, why would an instructor offer the cheapest driving lessons Milton Keynes? A driving instructor charging a lower price may lack any recent training and confidence in providing good tuition to the customer.


Evolve Driving School has built a solid reputation for driving lessons Milton Keynes with customer client centred lessons. Also, we rely on the quality we provide and the customer reviews we get to rubber stamp the proof of our tuition standards. We are also very grateful to our customers for giving us these reviews. Although talking the talk is fine, but we also now live in a customer review age. Above all, reviews are the king in helping you decide who you will trust for your driving classes.

Finally, whoever you decide on for your motoring tuition. I wish you every success in reaching your goal and earning your freedom to get in a car and go. Do you need advice, Contact us.

Bryan, owner of Evolve Driving School