Upon being convicted, a driver can have their licence revoked for driving offences resulting in a ban. A court can order that once the disqualification period has ended, that the individual must return to a provisional driving licence holder and go through the entire driving test process as a learner driver does. Also, this includes having to retake the theory test.

The theory test for a previously disqualified driver is the same as other learner drivers theory test although the extended driving test lasts around 20 minutes longer.


Once the driving disqualification period has finished, you have to apply for another provisional driving licence and then retake the theory test, you are then entitled to book the extended test.

The test time:-

The standard learner practical driving test takes approximately 40 minutes. The extended driving test takes about 60 minutes.

The test cost:-

The current price for the longer practical driving test for cars is:

Weekday fee: £124.00
Saturday fee: £150.00

That is subject to price increases over time.

driving test booking:-

You can only book an extended driving test via the DVSA.


The driving test lasts much longer than the usual practical test, and you won’t be expected to do anything different than that of a regular driving test.

15 allowable minor driving faults apply, but no serious or dangerous errors as per the usual test.

Drive in various driving scenarios and will do one of the possible three reverse manoeuvres as usual.

There will be 20 minutes of independent driving.

An emergency stop.

The examiner will usually treat you just as any other learner driver on a test, but be aware they may well know what your disqualification was and therefore will possibly be looking at your driving habit in a little more detail.

For more information on extended tests and get back on the road. Contact the DVSA for information on the test.