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Sat Nav Devices guide & Apps You Should Consider.

Sat nav devices are now a common presence in people’s cars and many motorists use them constantly when driving in unfamiliar areas. As with most other products, there is an abundance of sat navs available on the market. It can be time-consuming trying to decide which one is right for you. Also, your budget will determine the type of sat nav that you buy – do you merely want something simple for £100, or are you after a top of the range device that may cost almost £250?

Woodstock Motors ( have done the legwork and picked out some of the best sat nav devices in three categories – budget, value, and premium. Unsurprisingly, TomTom and Garmin dominate the selection, just as they do with the sat nav market as a whole. The infographic explains why each of the devices profiled is worthy of recommendation. The the best sat navs offer free lifetime updates for all European countries, a user-friendly interface and live traffic/roadworks updates.

Which sat nav to buy

Of course, nowadays you don’t even need to buy a standalone sat nav device when there are dozens of apps that essentially provide the same function. Google Maps and Waze are renowned for being excellent navigation apps. While it is also worth considering downloading CoPilot Premium HD and TomTom Go Mobile. The main drawback with mobile apps, though, is that they cannot guarantee a workable reception in remote areas. Also, they can be fiddlier than sat nav devices; whichever option you use, ensure only to interact with them when your car is stationary. Never take your eyes off the road while you’re driving.

If you’re looking for a guide to the best sat nav devices guide and apps on the market. This infographic is a very good starting point, and it comes courtesy of motoring experts.



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