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Driving lessons Bletchley. Evolve is great!!! Bryan is the man, you can have a laugh with him and he makes you feel confident and comfortable when driving. Bryan also has a lot of patience but the best thing about learning with Evolve is the reference points he gives for your reverse manoeuvres, these help so much and I would not hesitate in recommending Bryan to learn with.

Marc Spaven, from Bletchley
Muhammad Ashraf Passed

Re-learning how to drive a car with Bry was a wonderful experience. When I was looking for an ADI, I was unaware that choosing him will prove such a good decision. It wasn’t an easy job for him, to rectify my old (and often faulty) driving habits, which I acquired over a period of many years while driving outside UK. I can imagine how much patients he has to have, when a student like me keeps on making the same mistakes again and again. And every time, Bry with his smile, explains on paper or iPad or on road like the first time. With his brilliant sense of humour, he never let me realize how slow a learner I am.

During my driving lessons, I always enjoyed his way of teaching. I found him a thorough gentleman with a professional approach. He was always punctual, to the point, and keen to teach. The best part of his teaching is confidence, which he instils in his pupils. Right from first lesson till test day, he made this journey a memorable experience. His aim was always ‘Safe Driving for Life’. During his teaching, I re-discovered the art of driving and realized that it’s a continuous process.

I rate him very high as a professional driving instructor and recommend him to any driver with any level of experience, who wants to polish their driving skills. Thank you Bry.

Muhammad Ashraf, from Monkston Park
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Well what can I say!? If you’re looking for driving lessons in Milton Keynes then Evolve is for you. Such a great instructor who helped me achieve my goal in my target number of lessons, would recommend to anyone!

Jamie Baines, from Middleton
Branden Leigh

I would recommend Bryan to anyone. He is a down to earth, relatable and professional instructor. Bryan is very patient and understanding, I personally had some trouble with speed but he sorted that quickly. As well as having a sense of humour, Bryan is extremely knowledgeable. Big thanks again for putting up with me. See you on the road mate.

Branden Leigh, from Middleton
Fran James Passed


I passed my test yesterday, and would definitely recommend learning to drive with Evolve! It has always been very enjoyable and whether it was learning new things or practicing, it was always good fun! Bry made it a relaxed atmosphere in the car, thank you!!

Fran James, from Woburn Sands

I highly recommend learning to drive with Evolve. Bryan is an incredibly patient and calm instructor, who adapts to any pupils learning style. He has a fun approach but also an emphasis on teaching you safe driving. His tricks for manoeuvres are amazing, but it’s just down to me to remember them now! I’m over halfway in my lessons, and just wanted to say thank you for putting up with me Bryan.

Samantha Kennard, from Giffard Park

I would highly recommend driving with Evolve.I don’t know how Bryan puts up with me as I am a bag of nerves! But he does. Anyone who is really nervous about learning to drive should definitely learn with Evolve. Bryan is someone who has the time and patience for any type of learner. Bryan has a positive attitude to teaching and makes me feel confident and comfortable when on a lesson. Their is no such word as can’t or cannot in Bryan’s eyes, everyone can and will pass with Evolve whether it takes them 5 months or over a year. Everyone learns differently and Bryan is someone who has the passion to help anyone to learn. Learning with Evolve will make your driving experience a lot easier and relaxing. Great prices for the quality of lesson with a qualified professional instructor. Top marks from me!

Rebecca Flain, from Netherfield
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Have to say the biggest thank you to an amazing turnip, Bryan! The comfort, ease, and understanding you provided throughout my whole learning experience was unreal. Beginning as a complete nervous wreck as a sufferer of anxiety, I had no belief I would pass first time, but I did! The relaxed yet professional atmosphere is by far the best to be in when learning to drive, you can have a giggle and learn so much with Bryan. I will recommend you to every single person I get the chance to, because you are fantastic.

Hannah Batten, from Broughton
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I am so thankful to have had Bryan as an instuctor, he was always patient and took the time to explain anything I needed. I will definitely miss the banter we had on our lessons. I would thoroughly recommend Bryan to anyone looking for driving lessons in Milton Keynes.

Jenna Hughes. from Peartree Bridge
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Bryan is a great driving instructor. He helped me to pass my driving test in such a short time period and was very flexible with booking lessons in. Great guy with some great banter, I would highly recommend him to anybody looking for a driving school in Milton Keynes. I can’t thank him enough.

Matt, from Neath Hill
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I passed my driving test first time with Bryan, I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor. I enjoyed every lesson and even if you mess up Bryan can teach you to fix it without it becoming a boring task. It was something to look forward to and a great way to learn. He is down to earth and loves a bit of banter! I passed in 19 hours with Bryan and this is due to his great judgement of your ability and the best way to teach you. Straight to the point. Thanks a lot Bryan I could not have asked for a better instructor, gonna miss the lessons, but I will enjoy the freedom of driving even more all thanks to you, cheers mate.

Jordan Roane, from Drayton Parslow
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Today was a day I thought would never happen….I just passed my driving test….FIRST TIME! I could not have done it without you Bry. Thank you for your patience when I have been in a flap, for laughing when I’ve said something pretty stupid (thank goodness we had that conversation about when to use the fog lights this morning, that was my show me/tell me question!) and for making me feel comfortable from my very first lesson. Going to miss the banter but at least now I can say I have finally done it. Make sure you and Wendy pop in to say hi soon.

Sarah Green, from Milton Keynes central
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Thank you so much Bryan for helping me through this process. There were a lot of times where I thought I would not be able to pass my driving test, but you always told me to stay positive. The lessons I had with you were very effective and funny at the same time. I have learnt a lot and the techniques were very handy. Thanks again.

Anitha Panchalingam, from bradwell Common
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Bryan is an absolutely fabulous driving instructor. He wastes zero time and makes every minute of each lesson count. He is positive and teaches skills in ways that make even the directionally challenged able to learn ( that’s me! ). Can’t bay park? learn a little trick. Can’t parallel? try this. Reverse around a corner? it’s all in the steering etc etc….. Because of Bryan I passed my driving test first time with very few faults, which I definitely didn’t think was possible and I shall be recommending Bryan all over town. 5 star teacher, all the way.

Rebecca, from Springfield