Driving instructors Milton Keynes terms and conditions

Once enrolled into the driving school you and us are automatically bound in agreement to the terms and conditions of the driving school.


 If you are looking for driving instructors Milton Keynes then please read all the terms and conditions of the driving school. Read our terms and conditions below as these are important towards your tuition with us. These terms are for your own benefit and they are there to safeguard both you and the driving school.


  • 24 hours notice must be given for cancellation of a driving lesson. Failure to do so will result in that lesson being charged.
  • Any late cancellation due to an emergency or illness will not be charged, but only on the driving school’s discretion.
  • If an instructor agrees a time for a lesson and arrives on time there will be a 10 minute grace period for the pupil to arrive if there is no sign of the pupil a text message or phone call will be made informing the time of the lesson and the time the instructor left the place of arranged lesson start point and will result in being charged for the missed lesson.
  • Any cancellation by the driving school due to mechanical fault or illness will be communicated to any pupil at the earliest opportunity.
  • If a driving lesson was booked and the instructor does not arrive on time then the lesson time will start from the time of arrival with no loss of time to the pupil.
  • Any lesson planned and is not honoured by the instructor who does not arrive then there will be a free lesson given to the pupil for the inconvenience.


  • All block booking payments for driving lessons must be paid on the first lesson.
  • Block bookings of 10 or 20 hours must be completed within a period of 6 months, no refund would be given outside of this allotted time.
  • Any block bookings of 30 or more hours will receive a longer period of 9 months to complete as above.
  • Any refunds of a remaining block of lessons that are not completed are refunded by the pupils instructor minus  current rate of price per hour, the discount will be reverted back to normal lesson price and the remaining balance will be refunded from that.


  • Driving test cancellations via the DVSA is not a fault of the driving school and any lesson fees payable on the test date will be charged at the normal rate. Pupil will be able to get the fee rebated by the DVSA via their test cancellation policy rebate procedure.
  • If the driving school car is not able to facilitate a driving test due to break down or illness, the driving school will pay for the pupil to book another test at a later date.
  • Evolve Driving School operates a 100% no questions asked money back guarantee if for any reason any pupil is not happy with their instruction  I will personally arrange a refund of any block booking monies remaining that are paid to me for tuition from me the owner within the allotted booking conditions as stated above. if the block booking is paid to one of our instructors, then it is the pupils driving instructors responsibility to issue the refund. Therefore, any refunds are payable by the actual instructor and not the responsibility of the driving school owner as all monies purchased for lessons are given in good faith to the instructor of the pupil.
  • Evolve driving school is entitled to change driving tuition offers and prices at any time. Lesson prices and offers are subject to change depending on current economic climates.
  • First time special offers are available to new pupils joining Evolve Driving School and can only be used once as they cannot be repeated and normal discounts or lesson prices will be applied after the special offers lessons have been used.
  • Payments for lessons can be taken via credit card, Paypal, bank transfers, cheque or cash on lesson.
  • It is your responsibility to present your valid UK provisional driving license prior to the start of your first driving lesson. Failure to do so entitles the instructor to charge for that lesson without the licence being produced and the lesson would not be able to commence.

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