10 technologies of google self-driving cars.

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10 technologies of Google self-driving cars

10 technologies of Google self-driving cars. Google has recently unveiled the details on its self-driving cars project. The cars are now being tested out on the roads after intense testing within the Google Campus. From laser range finders and cameras to radar technology and geo-navigation aids and even road sign recognition software.

The infographic below expands into more detail on how these systems will work on the car when the technology has been perfected.

There is obviously a very long way to go until you see these sort of vehicles on our roads. The new car concepts are in an advanced stage, they may be with us sooner than you may think.

There has been some recent testing of self-driving cars undertaken in Milton Keynes with a small amount of success. Furthermore, these vehicles were very much on a prototype basis with very limited ability as vehicles, but nonetheless another step forwards in this field. Furthermore,trials of testing these vehicles on some of our motorways are currently under way. Also, in the United States Silicon Valley recently, a Google vehicle driving under test conditions was involved in a collision with a bus. So, there is still a long way to go for the self-driving car.

You can read the full story and watch video footage of the accident between the bus and the Lexus SUV here at the Guardian on-line newspaper.

Here are 10 pretty amazing pieces of tech that power the new google self-driving cars. Enjoy the journey through the 10 technologies of Google self-driving cars.



10 technologies of google self-driving cars infographic

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