Who drives better women or men.

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Who drives better women or men?

We have used a survey to compile this infographic who drives better women or men. StatsĀ from Privilege Insurance in conjunction with the Telegraph newspaper who featured the survey in one of their articles.

They conducted the survey at and around the busy London Hyde Park Corner junction.

This involved surveying 1,383 drivers on their driving abilities including 50 in car assessments and 200 anonymous observations at Hyde Park Corner in London over 14 different aspects of driving.

The results were eye opening and the women surveyed came out on top in almost every discipline in comparison to the men who were surveyed.

Women scored 23.6 points from a maximum of 30 and men only managed 19.8.

We have included some of the statistics in the infographic to paint a picture of the discipline’sĀ used.

Only 4% of women are guilty of tailgating compared to 27% of men.

There is a large difference in the correct mirror checks with women at a whopping 79% in checking mirrors correctly compared to men at 46%.

Stopping safely at amber traffic lights was a big difference. Women stand at a huge 85% stopping safely while men were at a poultry 44%.

There are still worrying statistics with use of mobile phones whilst driving. Both men and women holding an unhealthy percentage.

who drives better women or men infographic

If you have any comments to add to this survey then please use the contact box provided. We will look at them and post to the page.

Please keep your comments relevant and tasteful to the subject matter at hand so we can add to the page.

It will be interesting to read your response and added weight to the always continuing debate who are better drivers.

We would like to thank you in your co-operation in this request.

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  • Emma McDonald

    I hope this will kick the stereotype that women are bad drivers lol, clearly take far less risks than men do

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