Learner drivers guide on road signs.

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   Learner drivers guide on road signs

Road signs are an important part of learning to drive a car and this infographic below is a fun factual visual on some road sign confusion not just here in the UK, but around the globe. I am constantly amazed at the sheer ignorance of knowing your road signs by the general public and the confusion and poor driving this produces.

Road signs are put into place to inform driver’s of the rules and regulations we all must follow in order to drive safely and reduce the amount of confusion whilst driving on our roads. It is very simple to learn road signs as there are plenty of online versions of the highway code and road signs for everybody to see and learn from. There is still total confusion sometimes even on some very basic road signs and understanding just like the simple GIVE WAY sign below on what this actually means to vehicle driver’s.

Anybody can look up these road signs meanings here at ROAD SIGNS in pdf format. All learner driver’s should be reading up on what signs mean to help them learn and understand procedures and rules so they are not confused on what to do next on their journey to become a fully qualified driver.

There are some very bizarre road signs from around the world too. The Italian prostitution is particularly bizarre and the amazing sign for invisible cows of Hawaii is really strange.

Far too often qualified vehicle driver’s begin to forget over time what signs mean and just a simple quick look up and refresh on road signs will serve to improve driving technique for the correct process on what you can or cannot do whilst driving and therefore should improve awareness and planning for hazardous situations.


Misunderstood Road Signs and Confused Motorists

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