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Tips for driving in the rain as we are heading into the winter months the weather will change and we will see more and more poor driving conditions with rain, wind, snow and a combination of both. The infographic below gives us some great information on what to do in the poor weather.

Some of the most simple and important tips when driving in the rain is to simply slow down a little. Wet roads will increase your stopping distance considerably. Also, to combat this we can also give more room to the vehicles in front to assist you in your braking.

Be extra vigilant when driving through standing water. You never know what is in there or how deep it could be and this also affects your traction control. This means that as you enter the water the tyres will lose grip. If you are driving through standing water with only one side of your car in the puddle so to speak, be aware the vehicle will begin to pull to the side which the wheels are entering the standing water. So make sure you slow down and keep the steering straight to avoid any loss of control and spinning into a skid.

Test your brakes after driving through standing water to clear any water that has entered your braking system.

Try to make sure your windscreen wiper blades are in good working order or you may find it difficult to see the road ahead with defective wiper blades, so check them for wear and tear.

As for any journey remember to plan your route. Have your phone fully charged in case of any mishaps or problems.

There are always more accidents in poor weather conditions. People fail to prepare for bad weather so you may be stuck in traffic from time to time. Keep your fuel tank filled up as necessary to plan for this.

Be safe, be vigilant, driving through big puddles seems fun but beware of the pitfalls that can come with them. Big potholes, loss of control and possibly debris that can damage your wheels can all be hidden within the puddles.

We hope you like our tips for driving in the rain. They may help to keep you safe out on the road one day.



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