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 Texting while driving is a social disease at the moment and something that is and can be very dangerous. The statistics don’t lie that 213 people die every year from using a mobile phone at the wheel.

97% of teenagers know it is dangerous but 43% of them still do it. Also, 61% check their phones whilst driving too.

Making a text while driving usually takes your eyes off the road for around 5 seconds. That equates to if you are driving at 50 km/h or 31 mph you will travel 70 metres or the length of 3 Wimbledon tennis courts with your eyes off the road.

If you text while driving your chances of having an accident increases by 23%. Do you think it is worth texting for example ” I will be late ” or ” I love you too ” and then never reach your destination or see your loved one again due to crashing the car. These simple texts have caused crashes and deaths on our roads.

Think, as a law abiding citizen if you are charged with causing death by dangerous driving you could be sentenced to prison. If you are caught by the police using a mobile phone then a substantial fine will be given. Also, the government is raising this awareness by increasing fines and penalty points for texting offences.

Texting or making a call in the car is only legal if you are a passenger or actually parked and to call the emergency services if stopping is impractical or unsafe.

If you really need to make calls do it from hands-free mode. All phones now have the ability to do this easily or even speaker phone. There are apps out there to turn your speech into text so you are not looking at your phone.

Be aware that you can still be prosecuted doing the above if the police think you are not controlling your vehicle safely enough.

Do you think it is really worth the risk of texting while driving. Think of all the damage that can be caused to you and others.

Think of the dangers before texting while driving, it could save your life and other road users too.

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