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 Kill the conversation is a campaign run by Gem Motoring Assist, a Road Safety and Breakdown Cover Organisation.

During my time teaching driving lessons in Milton Keynes. I see people texting and making calls without a care in the world. Totally unaware of what is happening to their standard of driving degrading due to the lack of concentration.

The infographic on the use of mobile phones and the statistics whilst driving a car is quite an eye opener.

Using your mobile phone while doing Facebook activity behind the wheel will drastically reduce your reaction time by up to 37.6%.

This actually dwarfs the reaction time reduction compared to driving under the influence of the minimum legal limit of alcohol for instance, which is at only 12.5%. Still an unacceptable number and should be lowered to 0% in our opinion. It does show the real risk when driving while on the phone.

Text messaging while driving increases risk by up to 23 times more likely of having an accident. Also, 4 times more likely of having a serious injury on top of this.

The 4% of people who think it is fine and should not be penalised while driving using a mobile phone is incredibly irresponsible. The statistic is there and we all have our right to a personal view on this.

Are you one of the 42% of people who would like to see a driving ban on anybody found guilty of using a mobile phone whilst driving? Leave a comment if you do or if you do not agree. Help kill the conversation for increased road safety. Don’t risk your own life or that of somebody else. Park up and text or call. It won’t kill you.


kill the conversation driving using mobile phone
Using a Mobile Phone when Driving – An infographic by GEM Motoring Assist

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