cost of learning to drive.

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Cost of learning to drive

The total cost of learning to drive in this modern era is and can be a costly exercise if you weigh up the insurance costs once the driving test is passed and the time comes to source your first car. Insurance these days for 17-19-year-old drivers is extremely expensive. Something which can turn younger drivers off the idea of learning to drive because they just can’t front the costs.

Based on this infographic the average cost of driving lessons stands at £24 per hour. Our driving school is a little below this at £22.50 per hour at the time of this post. Obviously, prices do fluctuate up and down from driving school to driving school and area to area.

The DVSA states the average amount of lessons taken to have the best chance of passing your driving test is 47 hours with a driving instructor and 22 hours of private driving practice. The more private practice you do the more you could save on actual driving lessons, therefore reducing the total cost of learning to drive.

Women are slightly better at passing the theory test with a 6% swing over men. While on the other hand men are most likely to pass their driving test via the 6% swing in percentages.

Total costs can be in the region of £2,325 if you learn on average. A high percentage of this would be insurance for younger learners of the 17-19-year-old bracket.

The highest pass rates are tending to be in a lot of the Scottish urban areas and this is probably down to driving test routes being of more simple conditions compared to more complex road conditions elsewhere.

Total cost of learning to drive

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