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The cost of training to become a driving instructor is expensive and once qualified, the running costs of the business; petrol, insurance, and franchise all mounts up. Generally, it’s not in a driving instructors or schools interest to provide excessively cheap driving lessons or intensive courses.

Why are their driving lessons cheap? you may ask yourself.

There are many reasons for offering cheap driving lessons, some for genuine reasons and some may have a catch.

Usually the saying ‘you get what you pay for’ is appropriate and in this instance it still applies. Let’s look at the possible reasons why driving schools and instructors may offer significantly below average cheap driving lessons or cheap intensive courses.

Plus we shall look at ways to find a good driving school or instructor and avoid the cheap driving lessons scams.

I’ve found a really cheap driving instructor

That all sounds great then. You may think you will save a fortune on driving lessons.

If this driving school or instructor’s driving lessons are far cheaper than all the others in the same location, there must be a reason. The reason could well be that they aren’t getting any work and are having to offer ridiculously cheap driving lessons to attract potential customers. Although driving instructor training follows a strict syllabus and once qualified a strict code of practice must be followed, this doesn’t mean to say all driving instructors are good. A good driving instructor should quickly gain referrals and recommendations from happy pupils previously taught. If they are not receiving these referrals, cheap driving lessons may be offered.

This may not be the case, however, the instructor may have recently moved to the area and is offering cheap driving lessons to get up and running. When enquiring, ask the instructor why their driving lessons are so cheap. If the reason doesn’t sound plausible, remain cautious.

Trainee instructor offering cheap driving lessons

Whilst a potential driving instructor is training, they may decide to opt for a trainee pink licence that is valid for 6 months. Trainee pink licences are displayed somewhere in the front windscreen.  Fully qualified instructor green licences are displayed similarly. Whilst opting to go with a trainee driving instructor in return for cheap driving lessons is fine, there may be some points to consider. A trainee instructor is simply not going to have the experience.

As with most professions, having experience in their field is the key to providing an excellent service. It takes a driving instructor a good amount of time to really settle down and understand the best teaching methods for both themselves and their pupils. I should know I have been in this game for a long time now.

Due to this, you may need more lessons with a trainee instructor, than what you might need with an experienced instructor.


Another area to consider is if the trainee instructor has not completed the training within the 6 month period that the trainee licence is valid for, they may not be permitted to charge for teaching driving after this time has elapsed.

If this is the case, you may be many months into learning to drive. All of a sudden your instructor informs you that they can no longer provide lessons. This will leave you in a situation where you will need to find another instructor that will have a different car and different teaching techniques, ultimately costing you more.

Opting for a trainee instructor is not a bad thing to do providing you are aware of the potential complications. If all goes well, however, you may reach test standard in good time and would have saved money with the cheap driving lessons.

Cheap driving lessons may involve the use of car sharing

You may be pleased that you found those really cheap driving lessons or cheap intensive courses.  But, before you book it and hand over your money, read the small print and make yourself aware of all the details.

Some driving schools or instructors can offer very cheap lessons or intensive courses by car sharing. In other words, you will be taking your lessons with up to 3 other learners. Car sharing usually involves intensive courses taken over a short period of time such as a week or two.

Car sharing will involve you spending a significant amount of time on the back seat watching the other learners drive. Watching from behind the driver has little or no learning benefit.

The only successful way to learn is to drive the car yourself. Whilst enquiring about a course, is car sharing involved? If it is and you don’t have a problem with this, you may be doing it with a friend for example. Ask what is the minimum amount of hours you will be behind the wheel. To reach driving test standard generally needs around 30-40 hours of lessons.

Cheap driving lessons do not stay cheap

Often driving schools or instructors promote very cheap driving lessons. Continuing with these very cheap lessons is not viable for the driving school. So often there comes a cut-off point where the driving lesson price increases. Most schools do make this clear. You could be well into your driver training course and your instructor will inform you that the lesson prices have changed. The price change may be well above the average price for that area.

You may simply think that you will find another driving school. Whilst this is, of course, an option, a different car and instructor will have to be considered. They may have a different teaching technique and reference points.

Some learners look around for schools offering a discounted first lesson or a first 5 at the discount, take this and move onto another school. Not a very cost effective solution. Ideally, you want to be with the same instructor and car throughout the duration of your course.


Do your research and look at many driving schools. Compare their deals and reviews to gain a better knowledge of who you will decide to take your lessons with. Read any terms and conditions as some schools offer deals with certain conditions like 10 hours for £ and don’t tell you that 4 of those hours are held back until your test week and will not be refundable should you not go to test with that driving school, so beware the t&c’s.

Before you book a course, ask the school or instructor if the prices remain the same throughout. If not, ask what are the changes. Ask if they provide block booking discounts or student discounts as this will save you some money.

Evolve Driving School prices are competitive. We typically run offers for whatever it is at the time of reading this post. After the first offer, the lessons revert back to normal discount rates. At the same time, you will receive our full commitment to get you the freedom you deserve. All this at a fair price for both the driving school and the customer with a full money back guarantee.

A school offering a money back guarantee will give you the peace of mind your money. Terms and conditions must be read to confirm what you must do. Also, statutory rights are upheld.  But do check those important terms and conditions as some school’s may put clauses in.

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