How music affects driving habits.

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How music affects driving habits when we go about our daily business in the car we always listen to some music, that can be either the radio or your favourite songs on your I-pod C.D etc.

We have an infographic below giving us some thought provoking information how music controls what we do in the car.

Fast upbeat tempo music accelerates the heartbeat and you are more likely to run a red light because of it. You can probably drive too fast or aggressively due to the increased tempo of that music and not realising the increase can lead to driving mistakes. Some 15% of driver’s say their choice of music makes them drive faster while drum n bass tends to make you a more aggressive driver.

Listening to classical music and you tend to be one of the safest drivers around.

A huge 90% of drivers admit that music affects their driving habits while on the other hand 60% of drivers say it makes them a better driver because they are happier in the car.

Be aware that while listening to your favourite music that it can distract you on what is happening around you. Keep up your mirror checks for what is happening behind, as you do not want to hold up an emergency vehicle because you are unaware it is behind.

The mental effort to concentrate on the road in general increases in various percentages depending on the situation. Following a vehicle in front as an example increases the the mental effort by up to 55%. Monotonous driving like long motorway journeys has a large increase by up to 63%. try to stay alert while enjoying your music.

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