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During my time teaching driving lessons the question comes up very often on how many driving lessons will it take?

It is not how many driving lessons it takes to pass the driving test, but more importantly, the quality of those lessons that are taken and the digesting of the information needed to learn correctly.

Ask yourself this question?

Do I want to be a good and safe driver, or do I want to just get that test pass at the expense possibly of not having gained the right experience on the roads to be confident in driving.

Every year hundreds of new drivers die on the road. Imagine how much smaller the figure would be if all of those drivers had the desire to become safe drivers, rather than to just scrape a pass for their driving test with the minimum amount of lessons?

Everybody learns to drive at different rates and yes some can learn to drive reasonably quickly ( if you are lucky).

You ask friends and family “How many lessons did it take you to pass”  answers will be exaggerated on the amount of lessons they took.

It can be a pressure pot for anybody listening to these statements. Also, it could actually be a negativity while learning to drive. It is all down to the individual for their ability in learning on how long the process takes to pass.

Some learners need regular driving lessons not too spaced apart in order to remember procedures and some can take fewer driving lessons and cope with spaced apart lessons and still remember procedures.

Every driving instructor has a responsibility to you. They and I would rather be accused of stretching out lessons than be the one who rushed through 20 lessons for a young person to pass their test only to have numerous accidents etc….later on in their driving habits.

Don’t get me wrong. Intensive driving courses can be a great way to pass quickly, but they are not for everyone.

Let me analogize driving lessons with a case study below.

Imagine you want to have a conservatory built. You look around and find a builder who will do it in half the time than anybody else and cheaper. So, the foundations are laid very quickly and then onto the brickwork and framework for the glass and roofing. If the foundations were not left to settle as he and you probably want it completed quickly. What do you think will happen to this conservatory 1 month, 2 months, 6 months after completion.

You have probably already guessed.  Faults will develop, cracking brickwork, gaps in the glass framework, leaking roof etc….

That is why we’re not going to tell you what the average number of lessons it takes to pass. We don’t want to add to the idea that the point of driving lessons is to learn the bare minimum in the minimal amount of time to squeeze through a pass.

So, remember when asking how many driving lessons it will take me to pass. It’s as simple as how long is a piece of string. Well, the simple answer is as long as it takes to become a safe and competent driver.

A 17-year-old passing the test will drive for around at least 50 years.

Would you really want to cut corners in passing the test or do it safely. Therefore, to become a good and safe driver sometimes more time in the car will ensure you are at the right standard.

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