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As a new driver, there are 3 common car insurance claims that can be avoided. A few hazards you need to be aware of that can endanger your insurance premium. Here, Wasim Bux from insurance provider iGO4 takes a closer look at how you can avoid making these claims.

Unfortunately, young drivers are more likely to crash their cars: one in four motorists aged 18–24 are involved in an accident at one time or another (the AA). This is also the reason why it’s more expensive for young people to get insured than older, more experienced drivers.

So, once you’ve bought your car and taken out insurance, it’s important that you do your best to stay safe and try to avoid any claims, or you’ll risk driving your premium up. To help you out, I’ve listed three of the most common car insurance claims. We tell how you should go about avoiding them.

Rear-end crashes

To reduce the chances of dents and damages from rear-end crashes, you need to be extra careful when you’re driving near other vehicles.

When you need to drive closely to other cars, like in a traffic jam or at a junction, pay close attention to the actions and signals of those around you. This will ensure you don’t end up hitting anyone. At speed, you will want to leave a two-second gap between yourself and the vehicle in front (four seconds in wet weather). That Highway code rule will give you time to stop.

To avoid getting hit, make sure that your brake lights are working on a regular basis. Therefore, others can anticipate when you’re slowing down or planning to stop. Pay attention to your mirrors and be prepared to move away from sloppy nearby drivers, too.

Parking scrapes and collisions

As a new driver, you’ve probably had a lot of practice with parking manoeuvres. Be careful and stick to what you’ve learned, you should be able to park up without any issues.

The real danger comes from negligent parkers who might be getting a bit sloppy in their technique. They may open doors without taking care around them. To minimise the chances of getting a parking prang, you should always try and leave as much space as possible between your car and the white lines. And, if a space is uncomfortably tight, always be willing to try another one, even if it’s further away.

Windscreen damage

Chips and cracks in a windscreen are very common cause of insurance claims, and you can’t always avoid them. You can, however, minimise the chances of them occurring.

You should always keep the right distance from other motorists. This will help to avoid small particles being kicked up and flung at your windshield. This is even more important if there is a vehicle transporting debris, or you’re driving on a particularly dusty or uneven road. Reducing your speed can also help, as this will reduce the impact of any small objects.

Take my helpful tips on board when you’re driving. This should help you avoid these common insurance claims and keep your premiums as low as possible.

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